Pastor Kanikaraj and Family


At the age of 24, being at the crossroads, confused about the future, desperately looking for an answer for the life, the journey went nowhere, Literally my life was a standstill. Though born and brought up in a denominational church was ignorant about the Lord Jesus Christ. At the right time my friends brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ I was halfheartedly listening to them. But On 19th of September at 10 pm, I had an encounter with the living God and was baptized by the Holy Spirit when my brother-in-law was leading the family prayer in a family prayer, with a calling in my life to serve the Lord. The same day “I decided to give the Lord the rest of my life. I immediately started sharing the love of God to my friends and families and began conducting prayer meeting in my house, as the Lord touched the lives of many, I received invitation to pray and share the Word of God in and around Bangalore. The Lord healed, delivered and set many free from the devil’s power. In 1993 the Lord directed me to a local church and I served in the church faithfully as a worship leader, interpreter and an associate pastor for nearly 10 years. In 2002, the Lord spoke to me from the Word of God from the Book of Hosea chapter 4:6 where God says, “My people perish for the lack of knowledge”. The Lord stirred my heart to teach the Word of God to His church; straightway I started teaching the Word of God to the local churches. As a result Mission Word was started in 2002, it is a believers’ seminar where the believers are taught and equipped in the Word of God to be an effective Christians to live, share, serve and impact their church and society with the love of the Lord. Since then many Christians are trained and sent back to their respective local churches to help their pastors in building the kingdom of God.  In the year 2003 the Lord gave me a vision to plant a church when I was working for a leading daily media, having quit his secular job, I started a prayer fellowship and continued to share the Gospel of Christ in the neighborhood.

In 2004 having graduated from Domata India a Bible Training Center in Bangalore, Myself with my wife Vinitha started the first worship service in our living room with 3 people in attendance. The vision and the purpose of the church were shared with the congregation. Since then we are involved in building the local congregation by preaching, teaching and faithfully serving them with the love of Christ. Now by His grace, we are moving forward in the direction that the Lord is leading us. I am married to Vinitha and have one son, Samuel Victor Joshua. We are together joyfully serving the Lord to fulfill His purpose in our lives, with dreams and visions in line with the Lord’s. We give all the glory to God through the Lord Jesus the Christ.




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