School of Ministry

Go Forth – Reach the World & Teach the Word

The church and its mission can only be strengthened and well equipped by a well trained leader in the mission, pulpit and the pew. However, there are many obstacles between the desire to get quality training and the capacity to achieve it. These obstacles may be life situation, time, money, qualification, and many more.

The main purpose of this intensive school of ministry is to help overcome such barriers and break down the wall that stands between a desire and the capacity to follow through on it.

“An equipped Christian is an effective Christian to impact the Nations for CHRIST”.

About the Winner’s School of Ministry

It is a vision from the Lord in 2002 to Rev. Kanikaraj and is focused on teaching the Word of God in depth with the anointing of the Holy Ghost by well developed teachers. The school offers a one and a half month intensive course which is designed to fit for those who have a definite call in their life for the ministry. We are committed to cover a various subjects like Redemption, Evangelism, Church Planting, Fivefold ministry, Leadership, Gifts, Fruits and Anointing of the Holy Spirit, Church Government, etc. This School of Ministry offers a great opportunity to learn and get equipped with the Word of God and the Holy Spirit to be diligent servant for His Kingdom.

Mission Seminar:

Believers’ Equipping Seminar – (Equipping Saints in the Word and the Spirit)
My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge…. Hos. 4:6.
The need of the hour for the local church is a strong foundation in the Word of God.  “An equipped Christian is an effective Christian to impact the Nations for CHIRST through a strong local church”. God’s people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. Ignorance widens the gap in the spiritual foundation of a Christian.

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